Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Is Anything More Fun than Water!!?

Yes, More Water!

They love to pose for pictures!

Are words really necessary?  What treasures!  Filipino children will sometimes take your hand and put the back of your hand to their foreheads as they bow to you!  It is so precious!  They catch you off-guard.  You just want to hug them, but we are cautioned as missionaries to not hold the babies or hug the children.  So sad for loving grandparents that we are, but we will follow the rules.  However, many children will come and climb up on your lap and I do not stop them.
You see children everywhere:  among the cars on the busy roads, alongside the road, playing in the dirt or in the puddles, carrying each other; and they seem to always be smiling.
They call you Mum, po (an expression of respect) Sir, and hardly ever hesitate to shake your hand.
("Except Ye...Become as Little Children")

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